What did you think of this YA book?

When I got the notification saying that Caraval was in at the library after being on hold for weeks, I was quite excited. I'd heard great things about Stephanie Garber's book, especially from fans of The Night Circus who had said that it had a similar feeling to it, and I couldn't wait to dive in. Ever since reading Morgenstern's Night Circus I've desperately wanted something like it to read again. By the way, no, I don't want a sequel, because too many things are stretched into stupid trilogies when many are beautiful as stand-alones.

Anyway, Caraval proved to be an easy read, and while it was enjoyable for the most part, many of its twists made little sense or didn't work with the magical/illusionary theme, and I couldn't stand most of the characters. In fact, the only character I liked was barely in the book. As cool as Garber's world was, it could have used more world-building and I just can't get into a story without characters that I like. How about you? I pan on reading the second book, as it's about the sister who had barely been in the first book but did seem more interesting, and I hope there's more cool world-building in it. I did really love some of her descriptions and especially the various games, "prices" you paid for information and so forth.

Did you read Caraval? What did you think?

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