Host a Book Swap This Winter

Experts are saying that many people experience winter doldrums once the magic of Christmas has faded away, and they suggest scheduling other fun events and holidays to keep those feelings alive. We're really just a society starved for connection and we desperately need those close interactions with family and friends. One cool idea is to have an annual Booksgiving. The Blogess, one of my favorite bloggers, hosts an annual Booksgiving where you share a link to a book you want and buy one for another poster so everyone gets a new book, which is really fun, but I was thinking of taking it a bit closer to home.

Why not have a big book swap instead? Haul any books you've already read enough times (if there's such a thing) to a friend's house or host it yourself. Everyone should bring enough books to swap with everyone attending, so if you have 10 friends, bring at least 10 books. At the end of the night, you all go home with new books to read during a winter idyll plus you spent the evening with friends! Bring appetizers and desserts to share or make it a potluck. Create a book theme if you like, from Harry Potter to 18th century literature, whatever sounds yummy.

Have you ever held a book swap like a Booksgiving? How did it go? Share your tips in the chat.

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