Books to Watch Out For

What's on your radar?

Whether you follow Build Your Library, one of my favorite curriculums, lists on Goodreads (which is my favorite social network!) or simply find new books from your local library, chances are that if you're a reader, you have a list of books to watch for each year that you're super excited to read. I have several, and I love seeing other people's lists! 

Sometimes I don't agree with the must-read lists; I wanted to love Caraval so much but didn't, so I didn't read the sequel and I won't be reading Finale. That said, I loved the books Roar and Grace & Fury, so you can be their sequels are on my radar. Right now I'm reading Illusionarium and the second Murderbot novel, Artificial Condition. My favorites, however, are really the stand-alones! I know I'm alone in this. Most people love a series or trilogy, but I like things that don't require me to remember details into another book! That said, I'm super excited that Jim Butcher has sent his latest installment of The Dresden Files in to his editor.

Be sure to check out the links above for some great books to watch out for and add your own in the chat!

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