The Book Vs. the Movie

Have you ever broken the rule?

The rule, of course, is that the book is always better than the movie, and I stand by this rule 9.9 times out of 10. There are very few movies that can portray in 1.5 hours what a book does to your soul in a few hours of reading. If you love to read and you've seen adaptations of your favorite books, you already know this. Even if the movie is amazing, it's often still not as good.

My family and I recently read Bridge to Terabithia out loud together, for example. When we watched the movie after, we all felt conflicted. The book taught us so much more in such sparse details that still ran thick with emotion, but we really enjoyed some of the characters better in the film. Leslie's parents, for example, were much better in the book, but Jess's parents, while better understood in the book, were more relatable in the movie. The handling of Leslie's death was better in the book, but it was nice to see Terabithia brought to life so well on film, too.

Do you have any recent reads that weren't as good (or were as good) as their film counterparts? Share them in the chat.

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