Book Vending Machines

How about one in every building?

Some schools are installing vending machines that dispense free books to kids who read as rewards, but why stop there? So many schools depend on sponsors and sell their products in their vending machines for money; as a kid I remember even getting product placement on my book covers, and there were always sodas for sale at lunch. It's quite unhealthy, and despite all of the work that the Obamas did to improve the problem, there's more we can do. How about publishers sponsor these machines instead?

Schools can feature actual for-sale books in the vending machines and the kids can purchase them while the publishers give the schools money for advertising their products, much like the soda companies have done. It's a much better option than soda, and kids can buy books. Everybody wins! Throw in some Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh cards for sale and you're set.

What do you think of book vending machines?

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