The Book Junkie Trials

Are you playing?

Hey bibliophiles, are you also into adventures, role playing, D&D or just general fun quests that make you feel like Atreyu searching for a cure for the Emperess? If so, this is the summer read-a-thon for you. It's called The Book Junkie Trials, and it's hosted by booktuber Rachael Marie. All of the details can be found in this video, but basically you take a quiz to find out what kind of adventurer you are (I'm an outlaw), then join a team and read books according to your team's map throughout the month. There are special challenges on Sundays and you can definitely still get in on the challenge even though July has already started!

There are team captains to follow, maps and instructions with special abilities and weaknesses according to your character (I may have printed out my map and glued it in my planner...) and oodles of fun to be had. Of course, this led me into a rabbit hole of other book challenges that have me wishing for more hours in the day!

What other book challenges or read-a-thons do you participate in? Share them in the chat!

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