Book Abandonment

Where do you draw the line?

When I was a kid, I always read the book I was reading until the end. It didn't matter if I didn't love it or not, and I must say that as a kid I liked more books than I like as an adult anyway, but that's beside the point. Another mom and I were discussing when we draw the line at where to quit reading a book we're not into the other day and while we agreed that three chapters is usually good for a longer book, a shorter book might need more pages. She conceded that 50 might be enough, but I said sometimes that if I hate a book enough in the first chapter, I'll close it for good.

We've got limited time on this planet and every year that feels much more apparent to me. My body won't stay up as late as it used to without sleep after years of damage inflicted on it, and I'm much choosier on which books I'll spend my already-limited time reading. I stuck with one due to its great reviews and awards just a few weeks ago only to be disappointed after a whopping 600 pages. That's time I could have spent on another better book--or sleeping, or spending time with my family...

What is your cutoff point for a book you're not enjoying? Do you finish everything you read? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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