Beyond a Darkened Shore

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Last night I finished a book called Beyond a Darkened Shore, written by Jessica Leake, and it's a fantastic tale of magic, mystical creatures, mythology and adventure. It's the story of a princess who lives in Ireland. She has special powers that make her people fear her yet depend on her for safety, and she has to embark on an adventure with one of her enemies, a Norseman with powers, in order to save both their people from a larger threat. After reading it, I felt like it really needed to be made into a film--with a few edits here and there.

The mythology is a bit muddy, and the author includes some notes about it in the end, but I do wish it had been true to the actual myths. I also wish that some of the story were clearer--powers keep being added with new rules out of the blue, there's a weird sudden issue about not being marriage material thrown in randomly, and at one point you think the protagonist is about to change her world forever by sympathizing with the enemy and humanizing monsters, but nope, everything ends up in carnage anyway.

But the monsters! Oh, I love mythical beasts, and this book has so many, plus gods, goddesses and more. If you love mythology, Irish and Norse culture and epic, gruesome battles, you'll dig this one.

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