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Sadly, I don't have any new books to review this week. I've been too sick to read! You know you're down for the count when you can't even stop coughing up stuff to just read, right? I'm feeling better now and I hope to share new reads next week. In the meantime, I found this super cool tool to help you find a book you might not know about! 

The bookseller Worderly made this fun tool in honor of World Book Day. It allows you to search for the book that was the most popular bestseller the year you were born! All you have to do is plug in your birth year and boom, there are your results. You can really spot the trends and which authors were most popular at the time; for example, in 2005, when my daughter was born, The Da Vinci Code was the bestseller. 

Once you enter your info and see the book, you can quickly click through to see the rest of the books listed. It's a fun way to see how tastes have changed over time and to identify what was popular when you were born. What book was most popular during your birth year?

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