Best Fairytale Adaptations

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Changing up old fairytales into new versions of their stories--often resulting in complete changes to the characters themselves--is all the rage, and I absolutely love it. I remember the first time I heard authors were messing with The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and even Jane Austen works, I was furious, but then I realized that most of our stories are only retold versions of the same stories over and over again, and I've loved many versions of the same tale all my life!

Cinderella certainly comes to mind when we think about adaptations of fairytales, as do shows like Once Upon a Time, and every year there are new adaptions of classics. This year there's even another version of Hansel and Gretel coming to theaters. I'm still waiting for my favorite adaptation, Frank Beddor's Looking Glass Wars, to become a film trilogy.

So what is your favorite adaptation of a fairytale or classic? Is it a book, short story, movie or TV show, and where can we find it? Share your links in the chat.

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