Best Books of 2018

There's still time to read some of them

As 2018 wraps up in the next few weeks (can you even believe it's almost over?), it's time to start thinking about anything you want to finish in 2018 that you didn't get around to just yet--including books! There are so many great lists of "The Best Books of 2018" available that there's no shortage of ideas if you don't already have a TBR (To Be Read) pile, but if you have a list we'd love to know what you want to read and what you enjoyed most in 2018. 

While one of the books I wanted to read most was Holly Black's The Cruel Prince, I picked it up, read the first chapter, fell in love and promptly returned it. I need the other books in the series ready before I jump in and achingly wait for them to be finished--not only because of the agony, which can be delicious if savored, but because of my terrible memory, which will ensure that I forget all that happened in the first book a month after I've read it! So I've moved that one to next year's pile. 

Most of my favorite books this year were far from new. I enjoyed Howl's Moving Castle, Nights of the Living Dead, Saga comics, The Westing Game, The Night Gardener, the Beastologist series and The Book Scavenger. Seanan McGuire's Wayward Children series was my favorite for the year. Some books I really liked but didn't all-the-way love as much included The Hazel Wood, Uprooted, and The Bear and the Nightingale

So which books do you want to read or which ones do you think everyone should give a shot before 2019?

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