Are There Any Good Romance Novels?

Share (and defend!) your favorites

Whether it was the foolishness of youth or the books were simply better written, it seems as if the romance novels of my teen and young adult years had much more substance and staying power than today's modern romances. When a character does something that's really pretty standard or boring and we're told that the hero, a hunk who's had his share of women, has never seen anything like her before, we are left thinking that he must be the creature from The Shape of Water because that's pretty unbelievable.

Are there any great romantic reads (or even films) out there lately? The last good romance I read was The Night Circus and that was several years ago. While the more level playing field for writers is amazing and I am happy everyone can write and publish a book today if they want to do so, sometimes the efforts are pretty lackluster. I read a book the other day that was absolutely terrible but it was associated with a popular magazine and was supposed to be a smoking hot read. It merely helped me sleep.

Share your favorite modern romances with me. Make me believe in romance again!

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