Akata Witch

If Hogwarts were in Africa

Fantasy lovers, if you haven't yet read Akata Witch, put down whatever book you're reading right now and get to it. It is a gorgeously original and magical book that will steal your breath away. Full of adventure, peril, juju and just a hint of romance, it's by Nnedi Okorafor, the same brilliant author who wrote the Binti series that I'm also enjoying right now. (Go read Binti, too. It is the most ingenious science fiction ever.) The story is about Sunny, a tween who was born in New York but is living in Nigeria where her family was born. She literally walks in multiple worlds in multiple ways and her journey is terrifying, beautiful, hard and ultimately so fun.

If you've got a tween (or anyone older, really) to buy a gift for anytime soon, give them this book. It's got as much world building and magic as Harry Potter but in a Nigerian setting, and the characters are the kind you HAVE to stick with, which is rare these days. The number one reason I abandon books lately is just not liking characters and I love Sunny, her friends and her teachers.

Have you read Akata Witch or its sequel, Akata Warrior? What did you think?

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