2019 Reads Wrap-Up

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How was your year in books, Bibliophiles? If you rate your books at Goodreads like I do, it's pretty easy to track and see what you've read, what you liked and disliked and how much progress you made on your TBR. My TBR is ridiculous, with several thousand books, which makes it impossible to completely tackle, but I do make progress each year (while adding more books to the TBR!).

This year I read 240 books, which is a bit low for me, since I also track the books we use for homeschooling. I read 248 last year, and my highest year was 636 (I rated our picture books, too!). My goal was 105, and I should really think about upping it. I add 5 to it each year, but by rating every single thing I read I do sort of rig it in my favor, don't I? 

I love how Goodreads gives you a collage of book covers of your books, but I do wish you could sort by rating and maybe even print out a certificate with the number of books you've read (which I've suggested to them before).

My favorites for the year, if memory serves, include The Institute, Penryn and the End of Days (trilogy), All Systems Red, Into the Drowning Deep, the Beastologist series, Good Omens, the Tea Dragon Society comics, Bayou Magic, Beyond a Darkened Shore, Grace and Fury, Rat Queens comics, The Wicker King, In An Absent Dream, Binti, Akata Witch, Akata Warrior, and Monstress comics.

My favorite homeschooling book was The New Ocean, which was packed with fascinating (and sobering) information, and my least favorites were Ready Player One, Winner's Curse, Caraval and the Throne of Glass series, which I didn't finish. 

How was your year in books? Share your favorites (and least faves) in the chat!

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