2019 Goodreads Challenge Check-In

How's yours coming along?

Every year, Goodreads offers a fun challenge where you can set the number of books you want to read and work toward completing that goal. It's not as colorful as some other reading challenges, where you read books based on themes or random qualifications like cover colors, pictures, subjects, etc. but it's still a fun way to track and rate what you read all year.

The year is almost half-over, and while I've already completed my challenge of 105 books, I must admit that I also rate the kids' books, comics and pretty much everything I read, so if you only count "adult" books, I'm probably only a third of the way there. I usually catch up by fall, though, and it evens out. Every year I add more books to my challenge so that may not always work out so well!

So far, my favorite reads were Akata Witch, Akata Warrior, Beyond a Darkened Shore, Grace and Fury, The Wicker King and Good Omens. I've also been enjoying the Rat Queens comics.

Do you have a Goodreads challenge going on? If so, how many books do you have to go?

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