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Homeschooling fun in October

Fun fall activities you can do with your kids.

October is my favorite month when homeschooling. The weather begins to cool down and we spend more time enjoying the outdoors than any other time of year. The bugs are gone, the sun isn't making us sweat and the leaves are changing to shades of red, orange, and yellow.

There are plenty of activities you can include among your lessons throughout the month of October. Here are just a few of them:

Hayrides and pumpkin patches: Most farms offer free hayrides down to their pumpkin patches. Kids get to roam through the pumpkins and choose one to take home (for a fee of course). We always like to gather one pumpkin for carving and another for painting. Then we decorate the porch steps with them.

Corn mazes: Some corn mazes are simply mazes, while others have clues throughout them that kids need to put together to form a puzzle. Others, yet, are turned into haunted mazes at night if you like that sort of thing.
Scavenger hunts: Each year I'll make up a list of nature items that the kids must find. Then we'll head to the park/zoo that is just around the corner and see how long it takes to spot each item. You can put anything on the list including acorns, pine cones, and various species of leaves.

Candy crafts: Candy is abundant during the month of October, so we'll use it to make a few crafts. Pumpkins can easily be made out of Rice Krispies treats and cupcakes. We also like to make candy apples that are coated in some type of candy (M&Ms, chocolate chips, and even candy corns).