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Get your audiobooks from

It may seem pricey, but it's worth it.

I have been hearing about for years now, but I resisted getting an account. I could borrow audiobooks on CD from the library, or download them directly from our library's online service. You can buy them from used book stores, of course. And then there are the shadier, less legitimate ways of obtaining audiobooks in MP3 format, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

But if you listen to a lot of audiobooks - and my contention is that you should - then these methods all eventually fall flat. The library's selection is poor, with low turnover. The same is true for their downloadable content, because each library only has a certain number of "copies" of the digital files, which are often "checked out" and thus unavailable for download. The used book store's selection is shabby, and one grows tired of constantly stalking the free download. It's fine for new audiobooks, but if you want an older audiobook (and by "older" I mean "more than three months"), you're out of luck.

I am continually shocked by the price of audiobooks. I know that they involve a lot of production, sound engineering, the reader's time, and so forth. Even so, the audiobook version is often twice, even three times the price of the brand new hardcover copy. Yikes!
Audiobooks are the bomb, though. For reals y'all. If you spend more than 10 minutes in your car at a time (e.g. on your commute), you can spend that time "reading." Need a distraction for your workout? For cleaning the house? For engaging in your hobby of choice (e.g. knitting or putting together puzzles)? Audiobooks are a great way to work reading into your daily life, without having to sit down and dedicate a chunk of time to that task alone.
Audible's prices may seem high, with a standard subscription being $14.95/month for one credit per month. (Most books are one credit. Unused credits roll over, up to 6.) But they have ALL THE AUDIOBOOKS. No waiting, no hunting; just pop the title into the search bar and boom, there you go. 
Once I buckled down and subscribed, I was thrilled at how easy it was. Although I made a tactical error at first, getting an audiobook that was only 10 hours long. Now I'm stuck waiting until my next credit drops, on September 17th. Seems like an eternity. I could buy another book outright, of course, but even I have my limits!