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Create a private blog for your portfolio

Keep all your records stored on a private blog.

Although keeping records is not a law in my state, it is in many others. Daily logs with topics studied and the length of time spent on each subject are often required, as is proof that certain tasks were completed. Keeping all of this information on a blog is ideal, as it frees up the mounds of paperwork that would result in having to write everything down.

First, a homeschool blog should be kept private to protect your child. This is easy to do with Blogger. Simply create a blog title and URL (best not to use your child's name or any identifying information), and then click “Settings,” and then “Permissions.” Change the permissions to private. Then the only people that can view the blog are the ones you give the log in information to.
Second, start posting what you do each day. Take pictures of any art projects, or other activities and post them as well. For example, I know one lady was required to prove that her child participated in P.E. by taking photographs of her child raking leaves, running, bike riding or taking part in a community soccer game.  

Finally, allow your child to be original. If she wants to add information about what she learned, or type about a special event that took place, such as a horseback riding competition or a Christmas party with fellow homeschoolers, then let her blog about it. It will be fun for her to look back on all the information at the end of the year.

You can print out the information on the blog at any time if you want to keep physical records of all your child does throughout the school year. If you have to report the info, it is easier to just supply the individual with the URL and the log in information than an entire printout of each school day during the year.