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An Incredible Voyage Indeed

Jump on board with the infamous Ernest Shackleton on one of his most exciting exploration adventures.

Endurance,” written by Alfred Lansing, has long been heralded as a must-read for all adventure seekers. I read this book as a teenager and quickly learned it is the best book to get young male readers interested in reading and history. The story is eloquently written with the right amount of facts to keep the book interesting yet not turn the reader away with a headache.

The story covers adventurer and explorer from Ireland, Ernest Shackleton, on his yearlong escapade in the Antarctic seas. The story is filled with difficulties and tragedy as the Shackleton and his men are locked into ice with no way to escape. Lansing researched the book by interviewing men from Shackleton’s’ team who were still alive as well as reading diaries of some of the men on board. This tale of survival will leave you on the edge of your seat, if even if you know how the story ends.

What I particularly love about this book is how Lansing is able to portray all the men in such a way I feel as though I can understand why they would choose to go on such a dangerous mission. The teamwork, loyalty and camaraderie of the crew are something which I just don’t usually hear about today. “Endurance” takes you back in time when the world is still a mystery, ready to be explored. After reading “Endurance” I find myself contemplating all we have learned from brave people like Shackleton and his team and it just makes me want to get outdoors to appreciate nature for myself.