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Free Resource: The Habitable Planet

A lady who belongs to the same homeschool Facebook group as I do just posted this free resource that I wanted to share with all of you. It’s geared toward high schoolers and adults, so if your child is a bit younger, just bookmark the site for future reference. Also, this curriculum is not meant to take the place of state designed curriculum, but rather act as a supplement to support and enhance what your teen is already learning.

The main focus of the 13 units available for free on The Habitable Planet, is the Earth and, its diverse life forms, and the many global cycles it goes through. All of the course information is presented in two different ways. Your student can either read the text online, or watch a video presentation of the material. The method you choose should be based on how your child processes information. You could also have your teen read the text first, and then watch the video for further comprehension.

Next, your teen needs to complete the interactive lab that goes with the lesson. Most teens look forward to this part. One of the chapters even has students building their own ecosystems. I’m most looking forward to my daughter completing this lesson. There is even a downloadable chart that you can print out to keep track of your data.

If you are curious about the scientists that created this study, you can click on the left hand link that says “Scientists.” You can read the bio of each scientist, and see which unit they had a hand in creating.

I love this free resource, and appreciate that it was developed by qualified individuals. I can’t wait to begin using it with my daughter.