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Guilty Admission #128: I Love my Kindle

I can't stop reading.....

A few weeks ago, I wrote HERE about the strange feeling of having a book club in a book store with some of the participants reading the books on their eBook devices. We made up for whatever transgressions we had by buying coffee and treats in the book store’s coffee shop, but still felt guilty because of the eBook readers and because we live in Seattle and everybody in Seattle feels guilty about something.

At that point in time, I was in love with the feel of actual books and had decided that I would not be an eBook reader. That’s before I met my new Kindle. I’d tried the first Kindle and had found the page turning clunky and had tried the  iPad and didn’t like the glare or the size of it.

But it was love at first sight for my Kindle and me.

The relatively new Kindle is small, sleek and a total bargain at  $79.

Any page-turning issues that the first Kindle had are eliminated with the new Kindle, which has no button issues whatsoever. The Kindle Touch and the Kindle Fire are also great products; I just prefer the simplicity of using an eBook reader that just needs the push of a button to turn pages.

Plus, all of my old Kindle books from my first-generation Kindle and from my iPad transferred over to my new Kindle.

But I’m not just partial to the Kindle; I’m becoming partial to eBook readers in general. Again, apologies to all of the independent book sellers for what I’m about to say: eBook readers make total and complete sense for serious readers. I can walk out of my house with a small bag and a loaded Kindle with up to 1,400 books. Which means if I am referencing a book to my friends in a coffee shop, I can pull out my Kindle and actually show them which book I’m talking about. I don’t have to decide what book I’m going to read before I go out and about; I can just take my Kindle and decide later which book to read.

Does my love for my Kindle mean that I’ve forsaken all physical books?

Not yet. I still love looking at the books on my shelves and it’s hard for me to resist a good deal at a used book store.

But that doesn’t mean that I’ll be giving up my Kindle any time soon.