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Three Is Not A Crowd

"This book stirred up quite the debate, given that the two penguins featured, are male penguins."

And Tango Makes Three is a children’s book written a few years ago; not necessarily a book that everyone may know about, but a book worth reading, none the less. Written by Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson, this book features a story about the life of two penguins – living in the Central Park Zoo in New York. The interesting component to this book, is that it is based upon a true story – the life of these two penguins and their journey once given an egg to raise.

This book stirred up quite the debate, given that the two penguins featured, are male penguins. The debate stemmed from the on-going controversy regarding homosexuality, gay marriage, same sex couples and adoption.

Reality is, this is a story that simply explores these animals ability to hatch an egg and raise it. Yes, there are two male penguins, but the book isn’t necessarily a podium for gay rights. Research of the behaviors of these animals in the zoo, showed that they did not engage in sexual behaviors – and did demonstrate heterosexual behaviors, yet the two seemed to have bonded and actually attempted to hatch a rock – that they believed was their egg. It is a heartwarming story showing the nurturing impact of animals.  

It is often sad that such undertones are assumed and things cannot simply be a genuine story. However, if you must roll with the notion that this book was designed to promote homosexuality, it may be wise to remember that children all over the world are going to experience this in their lives – they will encounter individuals who are gay, straight, curious, etc. This book may offer an easy means of explaining these concepts to your children. If you are not captured by the controversy, this book is an enjoyable read…a loving story and one that most children are likely to enjoy.