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Books Are Great, But They Can Be Expensive

building a home library does not need to cost a fortune

I have always loved books, especially nonfiction.  In the distant past, I belonged to a number of book clubs, but found the prices were outrageous.  Book stores were usually not much better.  As I prefer to own books rather than borrow from libraries, I found some creative ways of adding to my collections.


First, thrift shops can be a goldmine when it comes to books.  From the Salvation Army to Goodwill, and a variety of local thrift stores, not only can you locate many new books, but also many that have been out of print for years or decades.  Hardcovers and paperbacks can range from twenty-five cents to a dollar.  


Next, if you happen to live in an area that has a Half-Price Books store, you may be surprised at the wide variety of books they sell.  This chain currently has stores in fifteen states.  


However, my most recent find is the best by far.  With warehouses all around the United States, is likely to have everything you want.  I have been a customer for nearly a year, and there was only one book I was looking for that was not available through Thriftbooks.  Equally important, most books cost less than four dollars, and they do not charge any postage or shipping fees.  The books you order online will arrive at your home within a week.  


When there are all of these options, there is never a reason to do without books.  They also make perfect gifts for all of the other book-lovers on your holiday lists.