Well-Read Black Girl

Have you ever wished that you could join a book club that exists nation-wide for women celebrating both Black readers and writers? Well-Read Black Girl is one such club. Since 2015 the club has highlighted favorite authors like Toni Morrison and Alice Walker as well as many newer writers that you might not be as familiar with. Like in-person book clubs, there are monthly meetings where members can discuss each month's selection as well as Twitter chats, readings and even an annual festival!


2018 has had me in a whirl of emotion and change. Between home, health, financial issues, transportation, anxiety... I've got something going on in just about every sector. It's also the year my child becomes a teen, which is also loaded with emotion for me. The other day a friend recommended a book for me and I can't wait to dive into it.

The Nordic Theory of Everything

In the West, we tend to de-value free time, down time and even sleep, taking pride in not taking time off, rushing around and being busy. Socrates said, "Beware the barrenness of a busy life," and he was right. Many other countries, particularly Nordic ones, know that pleasure and self-care are instrumental in a happy, healthy life. In Anu Partanen's The Nordic Theory of Everything, you will learn about everything from stress reduction to improving relationships.

Should Any Books Be Banned?

When it comes to banning books, most bibliophiles are vehemently against the practice. There’s no room for censorship among artists and free thinkers, right? When parents want to ban books like To Kill a Mockingbird or One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest from high school reading lists, most lovers of literature protest, arguing that the themes of these books are important for young adults to experience.

Consider lending your talents to other homeschoolers

Each homeschooling parent has their own unique talent.

If there is one thing I learned about homeschooling, it's that each educating parent has their own set of unique talents. When parents get together every so often, they can use these talents for the good of more than just their own children. Their children will also benefit from the talents of others.

My daughter's best friend has a mother who taught elementary school for over 9 years before retiring to homeschool her own daughter. She is currently holding an election class for 5 homeschoolers plus her daughter. My daughter is having a great time learning about the upcoming election process. The election class is only running a period of 6 weeks total, so it wasn't a huge time commitment, but it did present a unique learning opportunity for those 5 kids.

I'm the mom that doesn't mind getting a bit messy. This means the homeschoolers my daughter is friends with come to my house for pumpkin carving and painting, cooking baking at Christmas, and egg dying at Easter. Again, not a big time commitment.


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