Elections Readers for Kids

Elections can be confusing, no matter your age. I remember not understanding the Electoral College, not having remembered it from any class I'd ever taken, and just registering can be confusing in 2018 in a time when some politicians won't even let you vote if there's a discrepancy in one letter of your name or you don't have a physical address. That's why it's so important to teach civics from an early age, and right now is the perfect time to be reding books about the government and elections in general.

The Communist Manifesto

A book that changed the world – For better or worse?

Socialism and communism seem to be rather fashionable these days. Every political rally has at least one booth promoting it. These political/economic systems get mixed up with ideas of social justice, which is odd because communist regimes in the 20th century have been the most brutal and murderous in history. It makes me wonder how many of these young communists have actually read Marx and Engles’ Communist Manifesto.

The benefits of joining HSLDA

HSLDA stands for Home School Legal Defense Association. I joined this group last year after receiving a scholarship to purchase my daughter's curriculum for the year. The benefits of this organization are many and I highly recommend it to all homeschooling families.

Perhaps the biggest benefit offered by HSLDA is its legal team. They are ready and willing to help any family that has their homeschooling freedoms violated or threatened. Although the organization is Christian based, they will help families of any religious background.

Next, HSLDA provides detailed information on the homeschooling laws in your state. If you are new to homeschooling, you will need to understand your responsibilities. Some states don't require any reporting, such as New Jersey. Other states are much more strict and require letters of intent to homeschool in addition to reporting and keeping portfolios.

Naked Economics

A decent primer

Naked Economics is written for people like me – people who don’t know too much about the subject and have no desire to sit through boring lectures or, even worse, perform calculus equations. But, to satisfy an interest in economics you can find a range of literature, from The Wealth of Nations to The Communist Manifesto.

Economics isn’t a hard science, full of rules and laws, but a “soft” science open to interpretation. Therefore I’m sure that an expert would find plenty to disagree with in Naked Economics. Author Charles Wheelan tows the party line, calling both recent Fed chairmen Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke geniuses and praising their handling of the economy both before and after the crash of 2008.

I love my publisher!

Peachpit/Pearson on It Gets Better

Peachpit has been one of my favorite publishers for, well, a very long time, because they publish the Visual QuickStart Guides. I've used these to teach myself, (see for instance the excellent JavaScript and Ajax for the Web by Negrino and Smith. I've also used Peachpit books from several series to teach with. Consequently, I was delighted to be one of the co-authors for the Peachpit iPad Project Book. But then yesterday, I found this video from Peachpit and their parent company, Peason.

Joe Wilson Says Bush Lies In Book

In a book review published by the Huffington Post, Joseph C. Wilson is calling former President George Bush's new memoirs Decision Points, "George Bush's Deception Points.'

Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame, a CIA covert officer, became targets of Bush's White House and the Bushies, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and Lewis "Scooter" Libby, after Wilson had the sheer gall to say on national television that President Bush's excuse for invading Iraq and for starting an illegal war was a lie. The Bushies in order to get back at Wilson, exposed his wife as a CIA agent, thus ending her career, and putting her life and the lives of her operatives overseas in danger, during a time of war. All of this skulldruggery is known as the Valerie Plame Affair.

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