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Painted toast art project

Artwork you can eat.

I just saw a recipe on Pinterest that I had totally forgotten about. Most preschools and elementary schools have used this art project because it is simple and fun. I see much potential to expand upon this as it captures the attention of young children. I plan on sharing it with all of my homeschooling friends.

To make the painted toast you will need the following ingredients:

Four Side Businesses That Work Well With Home Schooling

Even before I was a mom, it seemed as if money was always tight. Now with four children in additional to my husband and me and an abundance of animals, it seems that the dollar doesn't go quite as far. So, since we wanted to live debt free and still continue homeschooling the kids, I decided to explore side business models which would work well with schooling, caretaking, and living.

Homeschool project completed and published

Several months ago my daughter and I decided to work on a project together. After creating a list, my daughter chose to create a cookbook. We spent a lot of time coming up with a concept, creating titles and dishes, cooking the recipes, photographing the recipes and then typing it all up on the computer. This week we finally saw that all of our hard work paid off.

As a homeschooling parent, I am always looking for ways to teach my daughter with hands-on activities. This project is an excellent example of how a homeschooling family can do just that. Not only did my daughter learn how to cook all kinds of meals, but she also learned how to become a self-publisher.

The Good Egg Project

The Good Egg Project is great for homeschoolers to take part in, as well as children who are attending school. It is produced by Discover Education and is meant to help kids understand the benefits of a nutritious breakfast.

A live broadcast is set to take place on April 18 on the Discovery Education website. This broadcast will focus on how fresh foods, such as eggs, make their way to your kitchen table. Homeschoolers are free to submit any questions they may have about farms, or farm fresh foods ahead of time. These questions will be answered on the live broadcast.

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