Halloween Read-A-Thon Check In

Real Book family, I have a confession to make. Our Halloween Read-a-Thon is not going so well! My husband's been working a lot of overtime to train for a new job and the time we usually spend in the car, me reading aloud as we take our teen to various activities, has been severely shortened. We're only a few chapters into The Graveyard Book and we were supposed to begin Frankenstein today! I had a few books of short stories scattered here and there for us to read as well, but here we are, not even finished with book number two!

Favorite Holiday Reads

With Christmas and New Year's quickly approaching, we've been looking into fun family read-alouds to enjoy with one another. We love seasonal read-alouds, especially for Halloween, but Christmas has been getting trickier now that our tween is a teen and not into our favorites like The Polar Express so much anymore. While she'll enjoy them when her two-year-old cousin visits, we need something a bit more advanced for her these days. I have Nicholas St.

The Cozy Life

Living hygge is all the rage right now, and one of the simplest guides to embracing this Danish concept is The Cozy Life: Rediscover the Joy of Simple Things Through the Danish Concept of Hygge. Author Pia Edberg shares her firsthand knowledge about the concept from growing up in Denmark in order to help readers embrace hygge, from recipes to personal stories, concrete tips on room transformation to changing your attitude, clothing, and life itself.

Get ready for All Hallow's Read

Plenty of time to buy up old Goosebumps books!

Two years ago, Neil Gaiman wrote a blog post in which he proposed that people give away scary books for Halloween. The idea caught fire on the internet, and has been a resounding success in the last two years. You still have a few weeks to get ready for this fun new tradition!

Just to be clear, no one (not even Neil Gaiman) (ESPECIALLY not Neil Gaiman) is advocating that you should give away books instead of candy at Trick or Treat time. However, you can certainly make books available in addition to candy. Many people have found that the books they gave away were - if you can believe it - as popular, if not more popular, than the candy they were handing out.
If you decide to give away books to kids who knock on your door, be sure that the books are age appropriate. Don't give a Goosebumps book to a four year old. That being said, kids in the appropriate age range (if in doubt, ask the attending parents) go ABSOLUTELY NUTS for Goosebumps books, and other serial books in that vein. 

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