2019 Goodreads Challenge Check-In

Every year, Goodreads offers a fun challenge where you can set the number of books you want to read and work toward completing that goal. It's not as colorful as some other reading challenges, where you read books based on themes or random qualifications like cover colors, pictures, subjects, etc. but it's still a fun way to track and rate what you read all year.

Favorite Journals

If you're a bookworm, you're likely a journaler, too. We live in a day with so many great different types of journals available that it's hard to not be tempted by new ones when you already have one going! I saw this collection of Mighty Girl journals and was so tempted myself, just like I am every time I go into a bookstore. In fact, if I win gift cards for books, I almost always use them on journals since I check out my books from the library. The Totoro and Wonder Woman journals are adorable.

Book It! Resources

If your child or students do the Book It! program, you already know that they are rewarded for reading with pizzas for reading, which can be problematic, depending on how you look at it. But if you're not getting the Book It! emails with resources and activities to do alongside the program, you are missing out. There is always something fun and engaging to do, whether it's an audiobook or family activity.

Book Tracking

When I was a teenager, I kept a reading log in a notebook where I rated the books I read to keep track of them. I sure wish I still had that log so I could re-read some of my favorites today! My log was much like the Goodreads system, but much more cumbersome to use. I love using Goodreads because I can easily see when I read something, what I thought of it and what books I still want to read. I also enjoy their annual book challenge!

Gotham Academy

Although purists will argue that we've had blurred lines between good and evil since the invention of heroes, in reality, those lines are drawn hard in pop culture. Just look at Captain America's latest revelation to see how that turns out! We're often only given one perspective of a hero, and it's rarely from the opposition. What about the perspective of the children of a villain that a beloved superhero has put behind bars? 

Summer Library Reading Programs

Every summer and winter, we participate in our local library reading incentive programs. You're going to read anyway, so why not? In the case of our library, you count the number of minutes you read until you reach a certain level for prizes. You also get entered to win drawings for items like iPads and Kindles, but we've never won any of those prizes. Nevertheless, I highly encourage anyone to join these programs because they do offer some pretty awesome rewards.

Reading Can Reduce Stress Levels

When my daughter was a baby, I went two years without reading a single book. As a lifetime bookworm, I had no idea the kind of impact this would have on me. It wasn’t a conscious decision; I just had no time between her, working and finishing college. When I realized why I felt so depressed, I don’t think it was postpartum depression so much as reading withdrawal.


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