The House with a Clock In Its Walls

This past summer my family and I read House with a Clock in its Walls to not only prepare for the film but to have some fun. We love a good fantasy as well as a mystery and we're always reading something aloud. While the book wasn't a favorite (there was too much tell-not-showing, too much dawdling until the actual action and a few other things that made me fall asleep while reading pages to my family), it was still enjoyable with lots of fun elements, particularly in the end.

Nights of the Living Dead

I love a good zombie book, but what I love even more is a good short story collection. As a busy mom, homeschooler, writer and a bunch of other things, I often don't have time to read a full novel very quickly anymore (especially the 600-page doorstops that are published today), but I do have time for a satisfying story in between classes and events. I've always loved short stories, though, and the collection Nights of the Living Dead is sure to be a new favorite.

The Hazel Wood

I am only a few chapters into The Hazel Wood and am hooked, which is very exciting for me. I've been stuck in some major doldrums this year and it's the first book that's got me excited to read again, which is how I often kick the blues. But some of the reviews I've seen are giving me pause. Lots of readers seem to have big issues with this book, and while I'm not going to read those reviews until I'm finished, I'm wondering what's in store for me.

Spring Reading List

Spring is in the air, but between cold temperatures and that seemingly endless wait for summer many need a dreamy escape. Books are perfect for that! Whether you love a good mystery, romance, comedy or nonfiction drama, a book is always the perfect place to spend the day.

Create a Goodreads List

Do you have a love of reading, a business that might involve reading books or anything you want to promote? You might want to create a Goodreads book list to help highlight your services. So many blogs offer book lists, whether as random shares or targeted information for their audiences, without offering links to share the books. Some of these do link to Amazon.com but if you create a Goodreads List, your audience just might thank you.

Lucky Penny

The dynamic duo who pen and illustrate Johnny Wander have a fantastic graphic novel out called Lucky Penny. Okay, it's a couple of years old, but it was new to me when I devoured it yesterday morning. It's a hilarious adventure featuring unlucky Penny who loses her job and apartment all at once and has to live in a storage unit.

New Book From Tamora Pierce!

As one of those writers, parents and readers who could rip on Twilight all day long, you know I've got some counter-suggestions for tween and teen literature up my sleeve. One of my top recs is none other than Tamora Pierce's books, which are adventurous, romantic and inspiring reads that tweens and teens of all genders can enjoy. Song of the Lioness and its sequels are especially dear to my heart and I think anyone would love to be alongside brave Alanna as she poses as a boy to achieve her dreams.

The Book Vs. the Movie

The rule, of course, is that the book is always better than the movie, and I stand by this rule 9.9 times out of 10. There are very few movies that can portray in 1.5 hours what a book does to your soul in a few hours of reading. If you love to read and you've seen adaptations of your favorite books, you already know this. Even if the movie is amazing, it's often still not as good.

Are There Any Good Romance Novels?

Whether it was the foolishness of youth or the books were simply better written, it seems as if the romance novels of my teen and young adult years had much more substance and staying power than today's modern romances. When a character does something that's really pretty standard or boring and we're told that the hero, a hunk who's had his share of women, has never seen anything like her before, we are left thinking that he must be the creature from The Shape of Water because that's pretty unbelievable.


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