Summer of Salt

I've never been one to really get into "summer reads," particularly when they're about the beach, traveling or any other summer activities. That just doesn't represent me; I grew up not knowing what a vacation meant, except that I babysat my constantly fighting siblings instead of attending school. So it was a pleasant surprise when I read my Page Turners pick of the month for June and really enjoyed it.

Summer Re-Reading

Each month my family tries to do at least one read-aloud together, although we are able to do multiple books during the months my throat's healthy and we have a lot of commuting to do in the car! This month, we are re-reading one of my favorite series that I read many years ago, but my family did not: Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson adventures.

Beastologist Ends on a Cliffhanger

My family and I love the Beastologist books by R.L. LaFevers, better known by her teen works as author Robin LaFevers. They are about a young man named Nathaniel Fludd, his search for his parents and his apprenticeship as a young beastologist, or person who cares for magical creatures. They are quick reads--we have read entire books aloud in the car in a single day between errands before--and they are filled with magic, creatures and adventure. 

Beyond a Darkened Shore

Last night I finished a book called Beyond a Darkened Shore, written by Jessica Leake, and it's a fantastic tale of magic, mystical creatures, mythology and adventure. It's the story of a princess who lives in Ireland. She has special powers that make her people fear her yet depend on her for safety, and she has to embark on an adventure with one of her enemies, a Norseman with powers, in order to save both their people from a larger threat.

Ready Player One

As a geeky Millennial who hid comic books in my math book, drew X-Men and had a Mogwai as my "lovely" as a little kid, you can imagine how excited I was to read Ready Player One. I'd heard great things about it from so many people whose opinions I'd previously trusted (ha!) and read it aloud with my 13-year-old. Holy cow, was it hard to finish. I get loving all of the references; I love it when Supernatural peppers them in, too. But they do it well. This was just, "I know this obscure reference, nyah!" And everyone claps when you know a piece of trivia someone else doesn't? No, dude.


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