Writer Shout Out Monday 21st June

Here are some great writing sites, blogs and tweets that I came across last week.

Recommended Sites and Blogs

An interesting, informative and entertaining blog by a UK based writer.  If you never venture outside of the US blogosphere this is a breath of fresh English air.

At last!  A sassy, sexy magazine site for thirty-something women that is NOT all about man-bashing and feminist propoganda.  Hey, it's ok for girls to be girly without appearing weak! Many of these articles are smart and stylish.  A recommended read.

The Dorothy Parker Reader: Not as Gloomy as You Might Think

If one were inquisitive enough to seek out various writerly types and query each about literary heroes, no doubt names like William Faulkner, Hank Charles Bukowski and that guy who wrote about bull fights would crop up pretty frequently. The thing is, with those last two fellows perhaps more than the first, is that not only were they each one trick ponies to a certain extent, their writing wasn’t too entertaining.

All of those gents, though, might be thought of as overtly masculine writers, though. And for that alone, each should be commended. With the likes of Tom Robbins and his cohort traipsing about on the outer lying edges of acceptable, mainstream lit, it serves everyone who takes an interest in the written word to figure out why there aren’t more women writers making huge gains in publishing – or anywhere.

Writer Interview with Author Margot Kinberg

In the first of our new series of Writer Interviews,Margot Kinberg talks about her writing career.  

Our series of writer interviews is intended to show the wide variety of work involved in being a writer, as well as the highs and lows of the writing life.  I also hope that these interviews will help to dispell many of the preconceptions and myths that some new writers hold, only to have lead to disappointment later when reality hits home. 

What is your primary type of writing?

Quotations: Writers on Life

As everyone who writes knows, writing definitely gives you a different perspective on life than most people and this is not necessarily a bad thing. As part of a weekly series of Writers' Quotations, here are a few  quotations from different authors on life. Please feel free to share any of your favorite  quotations on life in the comments section and if you would like to take a look at what writers have to say on writing, you can check this out.

Margaret Atwood:  Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

Well Worth a Read: "The Shack"

William Paul Young wrote an incredible book, "The Shack," and it is no surprise that it is a #1 New York Times Bestseller and has over two million copies in print.  It's written as therapy for the author, as he relates very closely to the pain inside of the main character, Mackenzie Allen Philips.  Young held in deep, dark secrets of sexual abuse, a none relationship with his parents, and adultery, while Mack battled a terrible relationship with his father and the loss of his youngest daughter.  According to USA Today, "Young functioned by stuffing all the evil done to him and by him into a "shack" — his metaphor for an ugly, dark place hidden so deeply within him that it seemed beyond God's healing reach."

eBook Week

Do you own a Kindle or other handheld reading device? Have you ever read a novel through a text messaging service? How about simply an online book?  During eBook Week, you can celebrate the portability of these books, reading them from anywhere from the Subway to your lunch break at work.

Besides their portability, however, just how great are eBooks? After all, they don’t have that wonderful, old book smell (or new book smell, for that matter). They aren’t that great for reading in the bathtub or bed—unless you get used to the handheld sort of thing. And many of them, as I’ve discovered, aren’t of great quality to begin with; for example, certain books that you might read as full versions may have similar books marketed as eBooks that turn out to be shorter and not nearly as well-developed, particularly in the fiction world.


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