Halloween Read-a-Thon

Every year my family has a Halloween read-a-thon, which is similar to our usual monthly read-a-thons but with a Halloween theme! We spend a lot of time in the car so I usually read the book aloud while my husband drives. This is sometimes complicated when I get sick and can't read aloud, which is what happened last year. We managed to get through The Night Gardener, but we didn't get to any other books. Hopefully that doesn't happen this year!

Best Fairytale Adaptations

Changing up old fairytales into new versions of their stories--often resulting in complete changes to the characters themselves--is all the rage, and I absolutely love it. I remember the first time I heard authors were messing with The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and even Jane Austen works, I was furious, but then I realized that most of our stories are only retold versions of the same stories over and over again, and I've loved many versions of the same tale all my life!

Sharing An Old Favorite

Have you ever re-read a book aloud with someone you love after you already read it by yourself and fell in love with it? It's a whole new experience, isn't it? It took a couple of years for my family to read through all of the Harry Potter books together, but it was almost as much fun as it was reading it through the first time. In fact, I'd argue that some books were even more fun because I got to see their reactions and remember things I'd forgotten.

N.E.W.T.S. Magical Read-A-Thon

While I had every intention of joining the NEWTS Magical Read-a-Thon, August ended up being much busier than I expected and I totally missed it. I know there are four days left, and I could probably cram the books I read for my library reading club together with a couple of short novels, but I think I'll just make plans for next August, which we plan on taking off from many of the things we normally do. 

Great Books For Girl Leaders

If you've never heard of Girls Leadership and their super cool lists of curated books about strong female characters, you need to go check it out. There are great books for every age group and I have enjoyed many of them, both on my own as well as with my family. Our favorite so far has been Bayou Magic, but there have been many wonderful books over the months we've been getting the newsletter.

Sci-Fi July Wrap Up

Sci-Fi July is nearing its end, and I sure wish I'd been able to read and watch much more Sci-Fi than I actually got around to this month. Things always pop up to get in the way, right? That's life. But I did get to see some fun films and TV shows, read some sci-fi and even find new books to add to my TBR pile.

In The Tall Grass

If you're planning on watching Stephen King and Joe Hill's In the Tall Grass coming up on Netflix, you should be warned that it's a pretty graphic novella, and that it doesn't feel as Stephen King-y as it should. I haven't read any Hill yet, but I've read that King's son isn't as refined as his father when it comes to writing, and that crassness certainly showed in this work. I've loved most of King's books, but this one didn't do anything for me.


Having read Cora Carmack's Losing It series, I was excited to see that the author is also churning out YA novels these days! I like her style and characters, which is everything to me in a novel. If I don't like the characters, I just can't get into it, which has happened with many popular books I tried so hard to enjoy. Having just finished the first in the Stormheart series, Roar, I have some mixed feelings.

The Book Junkie Trials

Hey bibliophiles, are you also into adventures, role playing, D&D or just general fun quests that make you feel like Atreyu searching for a cure for the Emperess? If so, this is the summer read-a-thon for you. It's called The Book Junkie Trials, and it's hosted by booktuber Rachael Marie.


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