Garbage Pail Kids Book Series Coming Soon

Milennials, get ready to squee: R. L. Stine is back with a new series and it's about... Garbage Pail Kids! Can you believe this? I loved Garbage Pail Kids so much as a kid. I even left them at peoples' graves in those little vases they had on them to hold flowers because I thought they were very meaningful, important gifts. (I wonder if they're still in them...) 

I wasn't a big fan of Goosebumps, although my teenager was; I was into the Fear Street books instead. Either way this is a neat throwback featuring two nostalgic 80s/90s favorites. 

Strange-A-Thon Is Coming!

Do you like morbid books and read-a-thons? If so, Strange-a-Thon is definitely for you. I took part in December and had a lot of fun with this read-a-thon (although I wrote about it in my journal instead of sharing on social media), so I thought I'd share it with you again here now that there's another one coming up.

Celeb Bibliophiles

The other day I was reading about how Keanu Reeves wasn't a great student because of his dyslexia, but he became a bibliophile later in life. It made me think of all the kids I knew growing up who didn't like to read not because they didn't want to, but because they struggled, and it broke my heart. My own husband is one of them, and today he still doesn't enjoy reading himself, but he likes to listen to me read to him.

2020 Reading Challenge

It's a new year, which means Goodreads is all about setting up your big reading challenge. And if you're me, according to Goodreads, you're already 3 books behind, since I set over 100 books as my annual goal! No worries, though; I rate every comic book, homeschooling book and book I read for fun, which means I usually get well over 200 books read.

Bookstore Cafes

This post about bookstore cafes is really inspiring. It's not about a cafe found in your bookstore, but an actual cafe that gives you a book to read based on what you want to read in that moment. Alongside your beverages and snacks, the barista also gives you a book when you describe what kind of book you want to read.

2019 Reads Wrap-Up

How was your year in books, Bibliophiles? If you rate your books at Goodreads like I do, it's pretty easy to track and see what you've read, what you liked and disliked and how much progress you made on your TBR. My TBR is ridiculous, with several thousand books, which makes it impossible to completely tackle, but I do make progress each year (while adding more books to the TBR!).


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