The Most Important Book You'll Ever Read

Most people can think of at least one book that really changed their way of thinking or their life somehow. Maybe it was an entirely new perspective, or a new school of philosophy. Some people say The Alchemist changed them forever; others say Harry Potter did! Plenty of people cite religious texts like The Bible and others might just say a good book they re-read over and over again. A friend of mine swears by The Little Prince.


To be fair, is any graphic novel a long read? Some boring ones might be (and I think those are rare!) but the enjoyable ones seem like they're over in a blink! I just finished Bryan Lee O'Malley's Seconds and I already want to read it again. The mythology in this book is delicious! It's blended so seamlessly within the modern world and I'd love to see it adapted into a motion picture.


Noelle Stevenson is brilliant, and as hooked as I am on her Lumberjanes series, I'd never heard about Nimona until last weekend when my sister brought me a copy of the compilation of all of the graphic novels. It was such a fast joy to read that I had it finished the same day. Although rich with symbolism and awesome animation, it's the stellar writing that makes the series so good.

Halloween Reads

When it comes to Halloween, there is no shortage of good books to read. You could pretty much make an entire list from books by Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates or Clive Barker and scare yourself silly. Revisiting old childhood favorites, like Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark or series by R. L. Stine, Christopher Pike, Richie Tankersley Cusick and other favorites is really fun this time of year, especially if you have younger siblings, children or students to share them with.


Feminsm, creatures, violence, friendship, cannibalism... Marjorie Liu's comic Monstress seems to have it all. Originally, Liu wanted to simply write about girls and monsters, including elements of war, the supernatural and a few other ideas. She had no idea how the story would become an epic saga that fans salivate over.

Gotham Academy

Although purists will argue that we've had blurred lines between good and evil since the invention of heroes, in reality, those lines are drawn hard in pop culture. Just look at Captain America's latest revelation to see how that turns out! We're often only given one perspective of a hero, and it's rarely from the opposition. What about the perspective of the children of a villain that a beloved superhero has put behind bars? 

The Book vs. The Graphic Novel

There's always been a big debate between what is better, the book or the novel, and most people who read the novels usually side with them save for a few exceptions. But now there's a new debate waging: the book versus the graphic novel! Everything from Game of Thrones to The Graveyard Book has a graphic novel adaptation, leaving both readers and movie watchers to ponder over which is better. 


I still cringe writing the words "graphic novel." It just seems silly to me after a lifetime of reading excellent comic books that have always been called comics. Whatever you call them, they're fun to read, and I've recently started reading an excellent series called Lumberjanes. Written by Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, Brooke Allen and Noelle Stevenson, the comics are about a group of five fun girls with distinctive personalities who are attending a summer camp.

Best Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books of 2017

Are you a lover of all things fantasy? If so, which fantasy book of 2017 has been your favorite so far? Some of the most anticipated fantasy novels for the year include Pierce Brown's book Iron Gold and V. E. Schwab's series conclusion to the Shades of Magic trilogy. Did you enjoy either of these books as much as expected or did you like other fantasy novels better?


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