I'm so glad to have picked up The Lunar Chronicles, particularly after I finished the last installment of Saga and am now heartbroken from it. (Let's be honest, fans; we all knew this was coming. It wouldn't be Brian K. Vaughan if it didn't happen.) I finished Scarlet in a day and just picked up Cress, and I'd rather just read it than deal with all the terrible feels I'm having this time of year. Spoilers ahead!


I may be a bit late to the game when it comes to the Lunar Chronicles, but I'm completely hooked after the first book. Cinder, which has been dubbed a cross between a fairy tale and Star Wars, is the story of a cyborg teenager who has a complicated history, to say the least. In her world, cyborgs are second class citizens and don't have rights of their own, which is where her wicked stepmother comes in. It takes place on a futuristic Earth that has to contend with leaders on other planets, interplanetary politics and troubles with things like hovers and portscreens.

Best Books of 2018

As 2018 wraps up in the next few weeks (can you even believe it's almost over?), it's time to start thinking about anything you want to finish in 2018 that you didn't get around to just yet--including books! There are so many great lists of "The Best Books of 2018" available that there's no shortage of ideas if you don't already have a TBR (To Be Read) pile, but if you have a list we'd love to know what you want to read and what you enjoyed most in 2018. 

True Horror

There's no shortage of horror to go around at Halloween time or any other time of year, but did you know that there are a lot of horror books written about true stories? Sure, you get books like the Amityville Horror and The Exorcist that are said to be based on real events (the Exorcist hospital is in St. Louis where I live and it's a popular local story), but proving that they're real is something altogether different. 

Classic Children's Lit

As a lifelong lover of books, I will read almost any type of book, although I also have my favorite genres. My daughter, who turns 13 this weekend, is growing out of children's literature (how are we just now getting around to reading Charlotte's Web?) and I really hope that she returns to it someday, with her own kids or without. Right now she doesn't want any and I'm not partial to being a grandparent to a human or a cat, so whatever she does is up to her!

Book Abandonment

When I was a kid, I always read the book I was reading until the end. It didn't matter if I didn't love it or not, and I must say that as a kid I liked more books than I like as an adult anyway, but that's beside the point. Another mom and I were discussing when we draw the line at where to quit reading a book we're not into the other day and while we agreed that three chapters is usually good for a longer book, a shorter book might need more pages. She conceded that 50 might be enough, but I said sometimes that if I hate a book enough in the first chapter, I'll close it for good.

Nights of the Living Dead

I love a good zombie book, but what I love even more is a good short story collection. As a busy mom, homeschooler, writer and a bunch of other things, I often don't have time to read a full novel very quickly anymore (especially the 600-page doorstops that are published today), but I do have time for a satisfying story in between classes and events. I've always loved short stories, though, and the collection Nights of the Living Dead is sure to be a new favorite.

The Bear and the Nightingale

Last week we talked about the book The Hazel Wood. I have finished it and thought it was a pretty good book that should get a sequel. It felt unfinished, and while I understand the issues that people had with it, I think some weren't as warranted as others. The whole scene about privilege that failed to have a point or educate any further was probably the worst for me. The story itself could have used less introduction and a meatier journey toward the outcome but I still enjoyed it very much.

The Hazel Wood

I am only a few chapters into The Hazel Wood and am hooked, which is very exciting for me. I've been stuck in some major doldrums this year and it's the first book that's got me excited to read again, which is how I often kick the blues. But some of the reviews I've seen are giving me pause. Lots of readers seem to have big issues with this book, and while I'm not going to read those reviews until I'm finished, I'm wondering what's in store for me.


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