InCryptid Series

After only a few chapters of the first book in Seanan McGuire's InCryptid series, Discount Armageddon, I am hooked. I need to devour this series like I devoured her Wayward Children series and stat! It's fast-paced, full of action and creatures (my favorite kind of book!) and there's already enough conflict to make me feel like I'm dying to know what's happening next. I love the premise of cryptid hunters and protectors and I can't wait to see where it goes.

Goodreads Challenge Blitz

2020 is almost upon us! Have you finished your Goodreads Challenge for 2019? If not, Goodreads has a great list of books under 300 words you can check out to try and read as many books as possible in the upcoming weeks. I have a few really great suggestions that I've enjoyed, too. Here are some novellas that will help you reach your goals:

All Systems Red, a fantastic award-winning sci-fi novella and starter to the Murderbot series

Big Book Releases in November

Is it just me, or are there always big book releases in November? Every year I seem to have several books that come out in November on my radar, which is always a highlight of the month. This month is especially exciting between The Starless Sea, which I still have yet to read, and Queen of Nothing, which will finish Holly Black's Folk of the Air series and will be released next week. 

November Reading

Novembr is my birthday month as well as my introspective month--a sort-of New Year where we do a lot of reflection and goal-setting in my family. I'm hoping that pulling back and making more time for quiet in our lives will give me some time to read as well! I already have two books here from the library waiting for my birthday next week so I can get my reading on.

Final Week of Hallowreads!

Can you believe it's almost November? How is your Halloween reading challenge going? My family's still not finished with The Graveyard Book, due to much less time in the car than we'd planned, so we're going to have to save Frankenstein for Sci Fi July. I'm hoping to squeeze a few Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark in at some point but that may not happen!

Halloween Read-A-Thon Check In

Real Book family, I have a confession to make. Our Halloween Read-a-Thon is not going so well! My husband's been working a lot of overtime to train for a new job and the time we usually spend in the car, me reading aloud as we take our teen to various activities, has been severely shortened. We're only a few chapters into The Graveyard Book and we were supposed to begin Frankenstein today! I had a few books of short stories scattered here and there for us to read as well, but here we are, not even finished with book number two!


Last week we discussed Marissa Meyer's Heartless, which I loved, so of course I went and picked up a copy of her latest trilogy, Renegades, at the library! I love the premise of this series. It's a world in which people with super powers were treated like secondary citizens, so they rebelled and created a somewhat post-apocalyptic environment. The book takes place many years later and, so far, sheds light on the issues with both heroes and villains alike. 


This last weekend I devoured Marissa Meyers' book, Heartless. Meyers is the author of the Lunar Chronicles, one of my favorite YA series, so I knew I'd enjoy this book, but I also went in knowing it was destined for tragedy, as it was a prequel for a villain we all know well. And tragedy it had.

October Reads

We recently invited everyone to take part in our October Read-A-Thon together, and my family and I are about a third of the way through Coraline already! If you're reading along, how are you liking it? What are you thinking about when it comes to the differences between the movie and the book? It's my kid and husband's first time so they are very surprised by the differences! Next week we'll be moving on to The Graveyard Book so be sure to chime in with your thoughts.

Halloween Read-a-Thon

Every year my family has a Halloween read-a-thon, which is similar to our usual monthly read-a-thons but with a Halloween theme! We spend a lot of time in the car so I usually read the book aloud while my husband drives. This is sometimes complicated when I get sick and can't read aloud, which is what happened last year. We managed to get through The Night Gardener, but we didn't get to any other books. Hopefully that doesn't happen this year!


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