Make use of Pinterest

Make use of Pinterest

A great homeschooling resource

I've been discovering more and more used for Pinterest every day. I started off collecting recipes I wanted to try, but now I see how valuable a resource it is for homeschoolers.

There are several homeschooling families you can follow on Pinterest. They pin books that they find work for their kids, activities, field trip ideas, organizational tips and much, much more.

If you don't have an account at Pinterest, go ahead and create one. It is totally free. You'll need to download a free browser that will allow you to pin things you like. First, you'll need a board to put the pins on. You can call it “Homeschool” or “Homeschool Resources.”

On my Pinterest board for homeschooling resources, I have free lap book lists, favorite curriculum and a pin to a really cool geography site that allows my daughter to learn all of the countries on each continent.
You can re-pin other homeschooling mom's pins if you find some that you want to try out. Just search for the word “homeschooling” on the homepage of Pinterest. You can also choose “Education” from the Categories drop-down menu. I found a fun toilet paper roll turkey craft, glow stick xylophone experiment and several free printable worksheets in just 60 seconds of looking.  

I suggest setting aside a half hour each week to scroll through Pinterest and select pins to place on your board for future use. You may even want to create several boards to put all of your homeschooing info in. You can have one board for each subject, or one for each season of the year. Whatever works best for your family.