Loving the freedom homeschooling affords

Loving the freedom homeschooling affords

Learning while bowling

Every day I marvel at the amount of freedom that homeschooling affords. Tomorrow is my daughter's 13th birthday. Instead of getting up and following a normal routine of getting on a bus and going to school, I get to make this day special for her. I'm not saying that she will get out of learning, although I could let her if I wanted to. We'd just have to work on Saturday instead.

Tomorrow I will let my daughter sleep in a little bit later than normal, which is still early for most folks. Then I'll have her spend some time looking up the history of bowling. She can give me an oral report about what she learned (that takes care of history and grammar). Next, we'll go pick up her two best friends who are also homeschooled and head to the bowling alley.

Once at the bowling alley, I'll have the girls ask for a paper scoreboard so that they can add their scores by hand (math). They will also be responsible for purchasing lunch with the money I give them so that they can tally up the amount including tax and determine how much change they should be given. As for science, we'll discuss why their hair is demonstrating static after scuffing around the floors with their bowling shoes.

The girls can also investigate what happens when they throw the bowling ball at different speeds and different angles. There really are countless ways the kids can learn while participating in something fun for my daughter's birthday. A birthday should be celebrated and there is no reason you can't deviate from your every day education plan to make the day memorable for your homeschooled child. Enjoy the freedom.