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My birthday is this week, which means a big day of nothing but reading and snacks! That is the ultimate form of decadence to me, especially as a homeschooling and working parent who often feels guilty just "doing nothing," however rarely I do it. I also love to throw a bath bomb in the mix.

But you can make your reading experience even more decadent with some aesthetics, right? I like to have my house clean before my big annual day off so I don't feel anxious looking at anything that needs to be done. (This often means I'm worn out on my actual birthday and spend part of it napping, but napping is also good!) Great smells are also big for me, so I'll burn a candle or diffuse some oil as well as wear my favorite perfume oil. Finally, good drinks are a must, and I'll grab myself the most expensive Starbucks birthday freebie (I've decided to alter an iced Toasted White Chocolate Mocha with some additions this year) and brew lots of good tea.

What is your favorite reading environment? Share your hygge in the chat!

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Cozy Reads For Fall

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Fall is a great time to curl up with a cozy book, whether it's a light and breezy romance or a mystery novel. I love a good paranormal or supernatural book with some light romance, or a good adventure or fantasy novel of the same vein. The Lunar Chronicles comes to mind as one of my top favorite examples. I also love the Daughter of Smoke and Bone books.

This fall I'm planning on reading Holly Black's latest trilogy, which begins with The Cruel Prince. I started it ages ago when it first came out, loved the first chapter and immediately knew I had to wait to finish it once it was all written so I wouldn't forget anything!

What's on your TBR for the fall? What would you suggest to someone else? Share your faves in the chat.

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Holiday Read TBR

What's on yours?

Yes, it's almost Halloween, and we're all deep into our horror reads and movies, and normally it's my favorite time of the year. But this year I feel like we've had enough horror and I'm quite ready for some holiday films and books--or at least some lighter fare just to get my spirits up. How about you?

Crazy Stupid Bromance is definitely at the top of my holiday TBR this year because the other two made me feel stupid good while reading them and I'd love to feel like that again. Adams is a phenomenal writer who induces warm fuzzies in her writing and I can't wait to read it. I'm also thinking of re-reading both the Angelfall and Lunar Chronicles series because I love them so much, but they may even be a bit heavier than what I want this year.

Do you know of any books similar to Adams's novels that make you feel those warm, fuzzy feelings? What's on your TBR for the fall and winter?

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Halloween Romantic Reads

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In my book club, lots of readers are asking for suggestions for great fall romance reads. Most want something spooky and romantic, which is one of the most fun genres that exists, but general fall romance is also welcome. This is one of those years where you really just want some fun, cozy reads with happy endings!

I went on a hunt and fell into a black hole of fall romance books, compiling a list of hundreds! I haven't read most of these and cannot vouch for them, but they all either have a fall setting or some kind of spooky romance vibe. Many are also NSFW and have erotic romance as a central focus so be aware of that if you add any to your list. 

What fall or Halloween romances do you love? Share them in the chat!

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Favorite Fall Reads

What do you recommend?

Don't you just love a good seasonal setting to get you in the mood? I have read so many great winter and summer reads that make me feel even more like living in season than anything else going on, like Summer of Salt and The Tourist Attraction. But I can't say I've read a lot of fall-themed books and wanted to reach out to see who has some good recommendations.

My book club is tackling Horrid by Katrina Leno and Reborn Yesterday by Tessa Bailey, and I believe they are supposed to be seasonal books. We've been doing some seasonal ones lately and we just read Bittersweet by Sarina Owen, which was a nice September-y book that I really enjoyed, too. But I've love more books set in this season, especially if they take place in New England and feature something spooky, light romance, supernatural themes or all of the above! Witches are a bonus!

So what are you go-to fall reads? What are you reading right now?

Witch-a-Thon Is Coming!

What will you be reading?

One of the best things about quarantine for us book lovers is that our read-a-thons are never canceled because we can always do them from home! Witch-a-Thon is quickly approaching; do you have your reads ready?

Witch-a-Thon takes place from October 35 through 31, and while the prompts haven't yet been revealed, you can still start preparing. I plan on reading several books about witches as well as whatever I find interesting in the prompts, and I plan on blocking some time out to do so.

How about you? Will you be participating? Share your book selections in the chat! 

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Bittersweet By Sariina Bowen

Have you read this one?

2020 is definitely a year to read some smokin' hot romance filled with humor and light to help us escape from reality, which is why we read anyway, right? I'd like to heartily recommend Sarina Bowen's novel Bittersweet to help you do just that.

It's got two attractive and funny leads--a chef with a fledgling career and a farmer whose surliness shouldn't fool you--who once hooked up and find themselves in a work situation that rekindles their initial attraction. The two enjoy sexy banter, down home coziness and lots of heat so it's a really fun read. The male lead is strong and take charge, but his respect for his partner and his sensitivity round him into a really likeable guy, which is something I often find lacking in romantic novels. I also really liked the HFA (happy for now) ending that didn't neatly make everything perfect the way too many books are wont to do.

A few things in the book were irksome, such as religious components creeping in and some passive aggressive jabs at feminism coupled with two-dimensional characters. But overall its humor, sweetness and balanced relationship made it an excellent book that I'd read again. There is even a friendship formed between the lead character's ex and his partner, which is very refreshing. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.
Have you read this one? What did you think? What are you reading to escape these days?

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Halloween Graphic Novels

What are your favorites?

As I narrow down my list of Halloween reads, I am having a difficult time deciding which graphic novels to add to the pile. I'm excited by a lot of the prospects but also wary, since some of the ones I've been recommended don't have great reviews.

Many people have suggested the Wytches graphic novel, but I read that and didn't really like it much. I can see why others may have enjoyed it, but I've also spoken to many readers who felt the same way. I would love some ideas that fall more into my own line of interest. 

Catching up on Locke & Key and The Walking Dead are high on my list, but what other graphic novels do you love, especially of the horror variety? Share them in the chat.

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October Read-a-Thons

Which ones are you doing?

As October rapidly approaches, many of us are already looking at October Read-A-Thons. There are so many that it's a good time to start planning if you're going to participate! 

There's the FrightFall Read-a-Thon, the Hocus Pocus Read-a-Thon, and Spookathon, which are probably my favorites. There are also plenty of non-Halloween themed ones if you're really not into spooky reads. There's the Page-A-Thon, the Hypeathon, Off Grid Readathon, and several others!

Which October read-a-thons are you looking forward to participating in? Share them in the chat!

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The Wicked + The Divine

One of the best graphic novels I've read in a while!

My book club voted on reading a graphic novel that I'd already read and disliked this month, so I went with a different one: The Wicked + the Divine. Wow am I glad my library had it! It's so good!

It's about a pantheon of gods reborn every 90 years into the bodies of teenagers. They die after two years of this life only to be reborn again. It's full of drama, death, mystery and I love it. It's definitely for adults!

Have you read this series? I'm only on book four so there could be much more in store. Share your feelings about it in the chat!