The best fictional libraries

And a few more!


Flavorwire CLAIMS to have listed "The Best Fictional Libraries in Pop Culture." But I personally think they missed a few obvious choices.
Twilight Sparkle
One of the things I like best about the My Little Pony reboot "Friendship is Magic" is that the main character isn't just female. She is also a noted bookworm, who literally lives in a library. Twilight Sparkle's home inside a hollowed-out tree is lined with carved-in shelves filled with her collection of books.
Like all fictional libraries, Twilight Sparkle's collection always happens to have the exact book you need for any situation. Although sometimes it may take you a while to find it. Especially if Spike hasn't been keeping up with his duties reshelving the stacks.
Twilight Zone
One of the most famous Twilight Zone episodes starred Burgess Meredith as a bookworm who is constantly being told he should be doing something other than reading. (And given that we start the episode when he, in his job as a bank teller, gives someone the wrong change because he's too busy reading his book to count the money properly, you kind of have to agree with them.)
Meredith retires to the bank's vault to read, which is why he is safe when the Russkies finally drop the H-bomb, destroying all of civilization. When he emerges he finds that amidst all the death and destruction, a library has miraculously survived. He rejoices that he finally has all the time in the world to read… right up until his glasses fall off his face and break.
It's a classic Twilight Zone "twist at the end." But as a lifelong wearer of glasses, I am impatient with the ending. You can get another pair of glasses anywhere. Stop in at a drug store and ransack their shelves. Break into an optometrist's office and pilfer another patient's prescription pair. Or just take them off a corpse.
But let's not quibble. This is one of the great Twilight Zone episodes, and it's all thanks to a library.
The Breakfast Club
This is a library that's famous for being anything but. (Which is fitting, as it was not a real library - it was a set built in a school gymnasium.) Here, the library serves as a hoped-for civilizing influence, but it only ends up being a punishment. Tip to teachers: locking kids in a library is no way to make them appreciate learning! *drops head; raises fist in the air*

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